ModemSpeedTest.Com's FIREWALL LINKS and Information

If you have an always on connection like a cable modem or an ADSL line it is very important to have a personal firewall. There are many personal and business software based firewalls available such as but not limited to BlackIce Defender, Conseal, Mcafee, and ZoneAlarm. Visit the Zonealarm site and see why it is probably the best current solution. Also very important is upgrading to Winsock2 if you are using Windows 95. I f you have win 98+, you are already have Winsock2. In the near future ModemSpeedTest will have info on Linux Firewalls.
Software Firewalls/Packet Filters
Hardware Firewalls

Protect your system with:

ZoneAlarm Free Personal Firewall (Free Version)

Click here to learn more about BlackICE Products

ISS PC Protection Solutions

McAfee Firewall

Conceal Firewall



LinkSys Router info and How to's








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