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About, Inc., a leading global e-slacking and Web-Dev company. Founded in 1994 we implement synergistic networks with more than 200 hardcore pages of recontextualized collaborative web services featuring free crap to companies and individuals and give them the ability to model -"wasted time and resources" by using its completely free-non-productive-amateur-page-systems and services by exploiting leading-edge portals. The young company's ability to leverage visionary world-class infrastructure and non discriminatory hiring practices( both young and old, male and female college student staff 18, 19, 20, 21 years old and up)coupled with the uncanny ability to seize efficient experiences from non existent-marketing services help this free site remain nearly unknown. Feel free to visualize scalable models of our facility photos pictures and gallery on our About Us page. E-enables revolutionary initiatives with services including e-slacking, downloading, site development and hosting, system disintegration, product non-fulfillment and rejected returns, e-marketing and customer (haha) service all enabling facilitate out-of-the-box metrics all while we reinvent innovate mission-critical solution web services. clients include, , , and and For more details about, visit the corporate Web site at or call 800-555-1212.

Market Capitalization
(at 9-30-02)
$68.30 Dollars
Shares Offered
(at IPO)
Shares Outstanding
(at 9-30-02)
0.0 Share
Date of IPO
August 10, 2028
Share Value
(at 9-30-02)
Corporate Office:
Tampa Fl
Offering Price
(at IPO)
Worldwide Office:
Tampa Fl

Give us a call at 1.800.555.1212. Or e-mail us at


















































































































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