Everything you need to know about Mp3's in the newsgroups. Thanks to the FAQ-Man

: ---------- THE FAQ QUICK REVIEW GUIDE ----------

Here are 10 basic things that, if followed, can make these groups better and more useful for everyone. If there's one that you don't understand, take a look at the appropriate section of the FAQ for more information. Thanks.

:-1- Limit your posts to 75megs per 24 hours. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.24

:-2- Use a high quality encoder. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq3.html#3.10 http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq3.html#3.11

:-3- Make good use of a 0-file and include all pertinent info. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.10

:-4- Make good use of your subject headers and don't make them too long. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.9

:-5- Check your MP3s before posting them. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq3.html#3.29

:-6- Test post in test groups. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq3.html#4.34

:-7- Post at ~7500 or ~5000 lines per segment : (~1/2 or ~1/3 meg/segment) for best propagation. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.12 http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.13

:-8- Crosspost into the appropriate decade :group (if you know it). http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.0 through http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq4.html#4.8

:-9- Don't post binaries in the discussion group :and vise-versa. http://www.mp3-faq.org/faq1.html#1.1

:-10- Enjoy the music. : The absm.* FAQ is available in HTML at: : http://www.mp3-faq.org : in .txt form at: http://www.mp3-faq.org/absmFAQ.txt : and in downloadable HTML http://www.mp3-faq.org/HtmlFAQ.zip Thanks, FAQ-Man