Understanding the Virus Problem

Why should I have Virus Protection Software you ask???

More than 53,000 virus threats exist today. As many as 500 viri can appear in a month. In addition to genuine viruses, there are Virus hoaxes, those dire email

warnings about disk-eating attachments that sometimes land in your inbox. WOBBLER and Good Times are two of the best-known hoaxes, but there are many

others. Next time you receive a well-meaning viruswarning , check the hoax page on Mcafee.Com, before you pass the message on to all your friends. Virus

detection programs are in indispensible part of a computer users software library. Another important fact often overlooked by the new user is the virus definitions

must be updated at least monthly and preferably weekly to provide thehighest level of protection. Click here for a virus glossary, this contains all current virus

types and related terms. Some of the well know and respected Virus software makers are Norton and Mcafee. Others include Dr. Solomons, Norman Antivirus and

a free scanner is Thefreesite.com. It is an imperative that you update you definitions and scan your computer regularly. Also scan any floppies or CD-R 's before

reading or copying them. If your free virus definitions time period expires you can always FTP to their server anonymously!